As I am sure many of you know, I moved to San Jose from India a few years ago, and I identify with both, my Indian roots and my Californian life. Earlier this year, I got the chance to go to India after a long span of three years. And I have so much to share….


I have grown up in Vishakhapatnam, a lovely South Indian city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a city of great historical significance, with trading ties to Rome and other European cities from centuries ago. It also has a beautiful stretch of pristine beaches and trendy restaurants. I caught several glorious sunsets while sipping on fresh coconut water.


I know what I enjoyed the most is spending time with my family and friends. I wanted to ensure that I could make the most of every moment in India. Of course, I also enjoyed eating delicious home-cooked meals made by my mother, especially the crisp dosas!


As an artist, I always take inspiration from my surroundings. For me, India is synonymous with energy, color and sound. There is never a dull moment here! People are always on the go, homes are filled with the hustle and bustle of guests that drop by all day long, cities are filled almost to the point of bursting, but there are still enough spaces like gardens and seaside promenades to take a step back and relax.


Below, you can find some of my most popular ethical and sustainable pieces inspired by the beauty of India:



  1. “Sunny Daisy” Earrings   
    One of my happiest rituals, whether I am in India or America, is to go for long walks. The daisy is a perennial little flower that grows abundantly in the Indian countryside. I came back to the start of spring in America. So, it is natural that I wanted to infuse my art with flowers, and these bright and sunny daisy earrings are a reminder that spring is a state of mind! For more info click here.
    Daisy Paper Quilling Earrings - Flower Paper Quilling Earrings
  2. “Golden Jalaja – Lotus” Earrings     
    The lotus is the national flower of India and has a rich history in Indian culture and mythology. The Sanskrit word for the lotus is “Jalaja”, and I created this gorgeous pair of earrings in bright colors like golden and rose pink as a symbol of dreaminess and beauty. For more info click here.

          Lotus Flower Paper Quilling Earrings - Light Weight Paper Earrings - FLower Anniversary Earrings Gift For Her

  1.   “Floral Buddha” Artwork   
    Siddhartha Gautama, also known as the Buddha, attained enlightenment at Bodhi Gaya in India. I wanted to create this beautiful work of art to remind all of us to awaken ourselves to find inner peace and to be mindful at all times. For more info, click here.
  2. “Surya Mukhi – Sunflower” Artwork
    Few things are as pleasing as fields of sunflowers. These beautiful and majestic flowers always face the sun. So, I have created this whimsical piece to remind you of bright and sunny days, and added a little ladybird as well. For mor info, click here.

                                Sunflower Paper Quilling Wall Art Decor - Floral Spring Wall Art

Visiting India is always filled with nostalgic moments, from the excitement of re-enacting old traditions and also sharing the new ones, and I am truly looking forward to the next few months where I turn my inspiration into sustainable, handmade and customized art!

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