The month of May is special for many reasons, and one of my favorite ones is the occasion of Mother’s Day! Every day and every moment should definitely be dedicated to celebrating the wonderful and all-encompassing role they play in our lives.


One of the biggest values that I have imbibed from my mother is my work ethic. I am extremely particular and meticulous about each of my pieces of art. I put in the same level of hard work and attention to detail into all that I do, whether it is a project that will take me four days or four months.


This year, make Paper Sweetly a part of your Mother’s Day celebrations! Gift the mother figure in your life a lovely token of hard work and patience, whether in the form of a distinctive or ethical and sustainable jewelry that is sure to make her day!  


Below, I have picked out my favorite pieces which will make perfect Mother’s Day gifts:


Blue Geometric Mandala Art Work   
Just as a mother is our first source of knowledge about the universe, the mandala represents many qualities of the universe too. I have created this geometric mandala to represent beautiful qualities like hope, empathy, love and passion. These and more are the qualities I associate with mothers as well. I have created this artwork in a soothing hue of blue. Click here for more info.
Blue Geometric Mandala Paper Quilling Art


Gold And White Mandala Flower Earrings  
As a gentle reminder of the all-encompassing role of mothers in our lives, I have created these beautiful mandala flower earrings. They are versatile and convertible, the colorful side is a perfect complement to lunch dates while the metallic side can be worn for a dressy dinner. Click here for more info.
White Dual Sided Mandala Paper Quilling Earrings


Golden Bee And Honeycomb Art Work

The hardworking bees and their intricate honeycombs have long held ancient significance in our society. They are a representation of prosperity and dedication, as well as a tribute to being unified by one leader – just like our moms focus their energies on keeping their families happy and united! Click here for more info.

Bumble bee with Beehive Paper Quilling Artwork


Colorful Hibiscus Art Work
Everyone loves flowers! Flowers are a very integral part of gifting. The hibiscus or shoe-flower represents happiness, good luck, wealth and cheer. All these are the qualities that a mother brings to the family, so gift her this wonderful art work as a gesture of appreciation for the same! Click here for more info. 

 Lilly Paper Quilling Art Work - 1st Anniversary Gift For Her - Mother's Day Gift For Mom


Each of these works of art takes a lot of time and patience to create. Now that I have started my own ethical, handmade and customized gifting options journey, I have treated it like my child. I have a renewed sense of respect for the amount of time and effort put in by our mothers in everything that they do for their families, especially their children. If there is something special that you have in mind, let me know. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating this special day with your moms and mother figures!

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