Patience plays an important role in the creative process – the most common statements I hear as artist: "OMG, you must be so patient!” It allows ideas to develop, techniques to flourish, and art to evolve organically, ultimately leading to more profound and authentic expressions of creativity. I have found solace, mindfulness, and emotional release through patient creation. Art making has focused bursts of inspiration and periods of thoughtful contemplation, emphasizing that the creative process is a delicate balance of patience and momentum.

According to an article I read, the creative brain operates ceaselessly, requiring a minimum of nine hours of sleep for creative individuals. I wholeheartedly concur, as I experience visions during slumber. My mind consistently strives to produce captivating art. Occasionally, I yearn for uninterrupted rest, yet I am grateful for these exquisite visions—a true blessing. Every morning, I rise with patience and diligently record the captivating visions that unfold before me. As my art demands substantial time, I can only bring a few of these visions to life. I revisit my writings, serving as a reminder of the artistic wonders awaiting creation, guiding me on my creative journey. Presenting some of my recent creations, which demanded more time than anticipated. However, the outcome surpassed all expectations, leaving me in awe of their astonishing beauty.
  1. Happiness Amplified
Happiness Amplified" captures the essence of dance—an explosion of joy in rhythmic motion. Each paper piece mirrors the vitality of dancers, transcending boundaries to ignite the soul. It resonates with the power of movement, reminding us that through dance, we amplify our happiness and create a symphony of bliss. Click here to shop.
                                   Ballet Dance Inspired Art Work - Paper Quilling Art Decor - 1st Anniversary Gift
      2. Slow Rise
Like a hot air balloon ascending, the journey of life teaches us to rise slow and steady. Embrace the wings of change, draw inspiration from the heights, and let your dream carry you toward new horizons. Click here to shop.
      3. Thithali
Three vibrant butterflies take flight, their wings ablaze with a symphony of colors. Dancing upon the gentle breeze, they create a mesmerizing spectacle, painting the sky with their grace. Each fluttering movement whispers tales of freedom and beauty, enchanting all who witness their kaleidoscopic journey. Click here to shop.
               Butterfly Paper Quilling Artwork - Flying Butterfly Art Decor -1st Anniversary Paper Anniversary Gift
      4.Cherry Earrings
Adorn yourself with these cherry earrings, epitomizing the essence of summer. Like luscious fruits kissed by the sun, they radiate vibrant energy and sweet allure. With every sway, they evoke memories of warm breezes, picnics, and carefree laughter. Embrace the spirit of summer and let these cherries dangle, a charming ode to the season's delight. Click here to shop.
                       Cherry Fruit Paper Quilling Earrings - Light Weight Fruit Earrings

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