Happy New Year 2023! Paper Sweetly wishes each and every one of you a wonderful new year, filled with all the things you hope for. As I look back on the past year, I find myself incredibly thankful for all the beautiful moments I got to experience. As I look towards the new year, I find myself excited for all the possibilities of having dreams come true.


I like to think about how I have grown, what goals I have achieved, and what steps I want to take in the new year. I like to take some time to plan my creative process for the upcoming few months, as well. Upon reflection, I wanted to share with you the pieces that really stood out and that I loved creating. I also like to think about the artistic process that led me to the creation of each of these pieces, to reflect on the inspiration behind it and what aspects I can incorporate as part of future pieces.


This year, I discovered that most people enjoy creating customized pieces. Mother Nature, as always, has played a large and inspiring role in all my work. Meeting fellow artists and lovers of art by being a part of numerous exhibitions, most notably the Palo Alto show and Half Moon Bay, were particularly satisfying.


I do hope you enjoy the ethical and sustainable jewelry and artwork that I have created at Paper Sweetly.


Below, you can find some of my most popular pieces of 2022:



  1. “Colorful Elephant” Artwork   
    I find elephants to be one of the gentlest and wisest creatures. Their majestic looks and loyal nature make them one of my favorites. The symmetry of the design lends itself beautifully to the several coils of brightly colored paper in hues ranging from blues and yellows to pinks and greens. For more details click here.
    Paper Quilling Elephant Art work - Wildlife art decor
  2. “The Starry Night” Artwork  
    My interpretation of  Van Gogh’s famous masterpiece “The Starry Night” led to another popular piece of 2022. Through intricate paper quilling, I used yellow and orange to depict luminescence against a dark blue sky. The silhouette of a tree and a village adds to the charm. For more info click here.

           Vincent Van Gogh Stary Night Paper Quilling Art Decor

  1. “Customized Heart” Artwork     
    I created this customized piece based on the client’s brief of wanting to show their love for each other. I believe that one of the best ways to depict love artistically is designing both names to fit into the shape of a heart, and that is exactly what I did! For more info click here.  
    Custom Couple Name Art Work Gifts - 1st Anniversary Paper Art Gift
  2. “Customized Name” Artwork
    Your name is one of the most defining things about you. It stands to reason that you would want someone’s first impression of seeing your name be something that is important to you. I created this piece for a client as a nameplate. For more info click here.

                   Custom Name Artwork Gift For Kids - Mother's Day Gift For Mom

What were some of your favorite moments from 2022? What are you looking forward to in 2023? I hope that my sustainable, handmade and customized art inspires you choose thoughtful gifting options for you and your loved ones in this new year!

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