Thanksgiving time is one of my favorite times of the year. It is a time for us to gather together, as family and friends, introspect, think of our blessings and express gratitude for them.


Do you know that there are many stories related to Thanksgiving? It was originally an English tradition, and the days of thanksgiving were typically marked by religious services to give thanks to God, and to celebrate a bountiful harvest. Many years ago, in the year 1621, the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag shared an autumn harvest feast. Today, this is widely recognized as one of the first stories to mark official Thanksgiving celebrations in America. Then, on 3rd October 1863, during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day to celebrate Thanksgiving. After that, every president declared a Thanksgiving holiday.


Many families have their own traditions that they follow. Many of these are universal – such as certain foods such as potatoes, cranberries and pumpkin (now, we have mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie!), sitting together at the dining table in gratitude, and so on.


As the holiday season has commenced, if you would like a thoughtful, customized and ethical gift to give someone as thanks for them having a special place in your lives, Thanksgiving is also the perfect time to get your holiday gifting started.


I connect deeply with the idea of giving thanks for all our blessings. At Paper Sweetly, I have dedicated the month of November to Thanksgiving and fun holiday celebrations. Of course, everyone has different ways of celebrating, and I hope you would want to make Paper Sweetly a part of your celebrations.


I do hope you enjoy the ethical and sustainable pieces that I have created at Paper Sweetly. All the paper quilled artwork has been handcrafted using recyclable and sustainable paper.


Below, you can find my new Thanksgiving and holiday themed art:

  1. “Baby Turquoise Owl” Artwork   
    This sweet baby owl is sleeping on its little wooden perch. It’s a wonderful gift to give someone to place above their bed, especially for children, to gift the wish of sweet dreams. I have especially used the soothing color of soft turquoise for this purpose. Check it out here.
    Paper Quilling Owl Artwork - Baby Nursery Room Owl Decor
  2. “Baby Elephant With Daisies” Artwork  
    There is something so cute and innocent about elephants, especially baby ones. They are sweet and wise and playful. I have given my baby elephant a bright crown of daisies to play with. Add this to your home for a touch of whimsy. Check it out here.


  1. “Colorful Cat” Artwork     
    The beginning of fall is the beginning of the takeover of bright colors. All around us, the leaves are changing hues from verdant greens to fiery oranges and yellows. I have tried to capture the magic of Mother Nature’s canvas in the shape of this colorful, clever cat. Check it out here    
    Paper Quilling Sleeping Cat Artwork - Nursery Room Cat Art Decor
  2. “Orange Fox” Artwork
    Foxes are usually curious, playful and friendly. They are instinctive and use their quick thinking to stay on their feet. I have created this bright orange little autumn fox to remind us to always maintain these traits as well. Check it out here.

 Paper Quilling Fox Artwork - Nursery Room Fox Art Decor

Do you have any particular Thanksgiving day traditions, memories and rituals? I hope that my handcrafted, customized and ethical gifting options inspire you to gift someone a sweet token of your appreciation! Happy Thanksgiving!

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