Hallowe’en, also known as All Hallows’ Eve, is one of the most popular holidays. Though children find immense happiness in going trick o’ treating, this is also a holiday that transcends all ages. Adult or child, everyone definitely enjoys the crisp weather, the pretty fall colors, the variety of scary movies that need endless cups of hot chocolate, the carved pumpkins and lanterns, and of course the cheering cry of trick o’ treaters!


Do you know about the origin of some of the most famous Hallowe’en symbols? For instance, witches are associated with it because of the fact that as Hallowe’en stems from a variety of traditions and cultures, one of them being the pagan holiday of Samhain. In those days, the Middle Ages, several people believed that those who celebrated the festival were witches. Witch hunters used to believe that the veil between worlds thinned on this night, and magical energy increased, which in turn made witches very powerful.


Another famous belief is related to ghosts and spirits. It was believed that on this night, because of the thinning of the veil, spirits would be allowed to travel across realms. This means that good spirits will come. However, bad ones could as well, leading to the tradition of lighting bonfires and carving pumpkins to ward off evil.


I have always been fascinated by the beautiful and vibrant colors of fall, and also the motifs that comprise Hallowe’en’s decorations. At Paper Sweetly, I have decided to dedicate the month of October to fall and Hallowe’en inspired art.


I do hope you enjoy the ethical and sustainable jewelry that I have created at Paper Sweetly.


Below, you can find my new Hallowe’en themed art and jewelry:


 1.“Black Leaves” Earrings   

             Black is often the color of choice for most Hallowe’en outfits, so I made this versatile set of earrings that will go with everything! Inspired by the falling leaves, I decided to create this piece in a circular shape. Click Here

       Black Halloween Earrings       2.“Dangling Orange” Earrings  

                  Orange is the perfect pop of color that helps complement the earthy tones of fall. I created these earrings to be reminiscent of bonfire nights and carved pumpkins.  Click here

      Orange Fan earrings

  1. “Skull” Artwork     
    Since Hallowe’en is a festival that believes in the dead coming back to mingle with those who are alive, the skull is one of the most popular symbols of Hallowe’en. I have created this one with bright colors and sustainable paper quilling.   Click here   Day of the dead art - Paper quilling Art
  2. “Customized Skull” Artwork
    One of my clients reached out to me to customize a creation of the Hallowe’en skull. This piece was made as a wedding gift for the couple by the mother. An interesting fact is that I used the wedding cards to create paper art to make this artwork.


What are some of your favorite Hallowe’en traditions, stories and candy? I hope that my sustainable, handmade and customized gifting options inspire you to gift someone a spooky yet sweet gift this trick o’ treating season! Happy Hallowe’en!  

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