Have you ever observed a work of art, heard a song, read a poem and thought that it has helped you unlock your own creativity? I believe that all works of art hold within themselves this very power: to move us, to inspire us, and to ultimately help us innovate and create our own masterpieces.


As an artist, I have often observed a pattern in my work. I realize that I often turn to Mother Nature, and sometimes I get inspired by a palette, a particular shape and even other pieces of art, which in turn motivates me to create my own interpretations. 


The symmetry of a circle always fascinates me. I believe it is symbolic of life itself and that what goes around, comes around which makes putting out good vibes in the world very important.


I decided to showcase a circle in my artwork for this month, and have created a series of beautiful swirls and symmetrical circular patterns. I do hope you enjoy the ethical and sustainable jewelry that I have created at Paper Sweetly.


Below, you can find my new circular themed art and jewelry:

1.“Night Circles” Art Piece   

“Starry Night” by Van Gogh is one of the most striking and well-known works of art in the world. It depicts the view of the night sky just before sunrise. Its focus on luminescence makes it very special. I have always wanted to try and create something similar, and have used my favorite art of paper quilling to do so. Check it out here

           Van Gogh's Starry Night Paper Quilling Art

2. Green Circle” Earrings  

Fluorescent colors just catch your attention immediately, don’t they? I am always looking to add some striking pieces to my jewelry box, and am sure you are, too! Pick these beautiful parrot green earrings to add that extra flair to your summer outfits. Check it out here.      


3.“Pinwheel” Artwork     

Pinwheels are a beautiful reminder of childhood. So, I created a simple, joyful nostalgic piece of art. With overlapping circles in bright and varied hues, I have designed this piece to be reminiscent of carefree, childhood summer days. Check it out here.   

             Circle Geometry Paper Quilling Art

4.“Up House” Artwork

I have often been inspired by the colorful landscapes of Disney movies, and “Up” is no exception. Extremely touching and poignant, I was inspired by this iconic scene in the movie, of several colorful balloons lifting the house and created this artwork as my vision of it. Check it out here.       

                              Uphome Paper Quilling Art Decor

5. “Hot Air Balloon” Artwork

One of the most spectacular sights is that of beautiful hot air balloons rising gently into the sky. It is a wonderful sight to behold, and there is something enchanting about the bright hues against the sky. The plethora of colors and the magical feeling of freedom is what I have tried to encapsulate in my artwork. Check it out here.  

             Hot Air Balloon Paper Quilling Art


I hope that my ethical, handmade and customized gifting options inspire you to create some of your own handiwork as well! Gift it to someone to help unleash their inner artist, or maybe pick it out for yourself, too!

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