Maatru - Daisy Flower Earrings

One of my happiest rituals, whether I am in India or America, is to go for long walks. The daisy is a perennial little flower that grows abundantly in the Indian countryside. I came back to the start of spring in America. So, it is natural that I wanted to infuse my art with flowers, and these bright and sunny daisy earrings are a reminder that spring is a state of mind!

These colorful, easy-to-wear, and lightweight paper quilling earrings are made using eco-friendly, acid-free paper that does not fade or stain. They are coated with a clear acrylic sealant that ensures they are sturdy and water-resistant.

 They are made in white & yellow color papers.

Size: Length: 1.75 Inches; Drop length: 2.25 inches; Width: 1.75 inch

 These quilled earrings are attached to hypoallergenic hooks!

 The paper earrings are aesthetically packaged and will be shipped within 3-5 business days after order confirmation.