Equality for all and taking pride in one’s own identity are themes that have also strongly resonated with us at Paper Sweetly. As we step into June this year, we embrace Pride Month and all that it stands for.


For far too long, members of the LGBT community have faced social stigma and difficulties that are very difficult to even imagine, let alone endure. Despite being considered taboo for a vast number of years, as well as facing prejudiced mindsets till date, most people are trying to change their thought processes. However, even today, with advancements and modern lifestyles, several people are afraid to voice their real thoughts or openly embrace who they identify themselves to be. So, Pride Month which is dedicated to the acceptance and celebration of this community, has become a very important movement over the years.


Celebrate this year’s Pride Month with Paper Sweetly! Whether you know someone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or you simply support the movement or know someone who does, you can give them a distinctive artwork to help express your emotions, or ethical and sustainable jewelry that are created in the signature rainbow colors.


Below, you can find some of my favorite pieces that I have picked which will make perfect Pride Month gifts:



  1. “Acceptance” Art Piece   
    I believe one of the biggest struggles the LGBT community has faced is with finding acceptance in the world. They have faced several harsh words and resistance to their identity. With this artwork, I hope to spark the spirit of inclusion and compassion. The symmetry using varied colors is to bring together the idea that despite being different, ultimately we all are human beings and to appeal for each person to find the empathy towards a fellow human being within them.

You can view my artwork here

  1. Relic Rainbow Gay Pride Earrings  
    Do you know how the rainbow came to be associated as a symbol for Pride? Artist Gilbert Baker, an openly gay man and a drag queen, considered a flag to be a powerful symbol of pride, and hence designed the rainbow flag. Since then, people around the world have adopted the rainbow as a symbol of Pride. I have also created my interpretation of the symbol by creating these colorful, easy to wear earrings using eco-friendly paper that won’t fade or stain.

You can view the earrings here


  1. Flower Of Life Mandala Rainbow Earrings   
    A mandala is an ancient sacred, geometric pattern. It helps focus the viewer’s energies as a spiritual guide towards meditation. I hope to help focus the wearer’s mind towards tolerance and beauty. So, I have created these beautiful floral patterns in the mandala earrings as a celebration of life, and used the traditional rainbow colors as a symbol of Pride.   

You can view the earrings here

I hope my ethical, handmade and customized gifting options will encourage you to stand up for Pride Month, provide support to anyone who you know might need it, or simply also be a reminder for yourself and others to be tolerant and accepting of the community.

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