There is truly a characteristic quality about the summer months that takes us back to the innocence and playfulness of childhood. Something about the languid days makes us remember and yearn for the simple things that brought big smiles to our faces: new books to read, a cone dripping with double scoops of ice cream, picnics in the open, exciting rides at fun fairs, movies every weekend.


Coming back to the present, I think of all the things I used to and continue to enjoy most about summer: the blossoming of flowers, the bright colors in Mother Nature that make us stop and admire Her canvas, revisiting childhood movies, and of course, dressing up to go out. And of course, as an Indian, the eternal and inherent component of summer is eating mangoes! As I thought further about happy summer memories, I also began to wonder about how I could best represent my emotions and thoughts through my creativity and designs. I am proud to say that I came up with a few favorites, which I am sure that you will enjoy as well.


 So, come on and celebrate the fun of summer with Paper Sweetly with distinctive artwork to help express your emotions, or ethical and sustainable jewelry that are created in bright summer hues.


Below, you can find some of my favorite pieces that I have picked which will make perfect summer memories:


  1. “Lion” Art Piece   
    Amongst the many childhood memories that I love, going to watch movies with my family is very special. Recently, they did a remake of a childhood classic – The Lion King – and this brought back so many memories as well. I also think that the golden coat of these majestic animals is such a perfect summer color. They are also found in the deepest parts of the forest where I imagine summer to have painted a very colorful canvas, and I have turned this inspiration into a piece of art. Click here  for more.       Lion Paper Quilling Art Work
  2. “Aqua And Cream Cloud” Earrings  
    Do you remember spending many summer hours painting away? I used to create drawings and sketches from a very young age. I particularly enjoyed painting landscapes. As a child, I drew cloud in their traditional form – blue and curly with lots of shading in the center. So, I chose to turn that into a pair of earrings as well, with shades of aqua and cream, so that you can always carry a piece of the summer sky with you. Click here for more.


  1. “Tapestry Of Green” Art Piece   
    Summer is the time of rejuvenation. So many plants and flowers bloom during this time, and the countryside turns a lush shade of green. I have always been very observant towards this, and love interpreting the many shades of Mother Nature’s colors into my work. I decided to take the signature color of growth and flourishing crops – green – and dedicate an artwork towards it. Click here for more.
  2. “Lily Flower” Art Piece
    The petals of the lily are large and beautiful, and it comes in so many wonderful shades like vibrant reds, bright yellows and pastel pinks. History says that the Greek God Apollo presented the Lily Of The Valley to Aesculapius, the great healer. Today, the lily is renowned for its healing properties, too. Did you know that it is the symbol of simplicity, happiness and purity? Gift yourself or someone you love my artwork that pays a pretty tribute to this sweet flower. Click here for more.

I hope that my ethical, handmade and customized gifting options brought a smile to your face and got you reminiscing your favorite summertime activities too! What are some of the things that you enjoy about summer? I would love to know!

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