May brings with it one of the loveliest days – Mother’s Day! Though one day can definitely not do justice to the immense love a mother gives, and truly, we must celebrate the wonder women of our lives every day, every moment.


A mother, a sister, an aunt, a grandmother, a friend: a mother’s characteristics can be found amongst varied roles. Mothers share universal traits and also, they play so many roles in our lives, from attentive listener, to caring friend, to the giver of the best advice and warmest hugs, from showing us how to differentiate between right and wrong to epitomizing the meaning of sacrifice and unconditional love. And yet, each mother’s love is unique and special.


Celebrate this Mother’s Day with Paper Sweetly! Give the mother figure in your life a sweet surprise in the form of a distinctive artwork that will help express your emotions, to ethical and sustainable jewelry that will bring a sparkle to her eye.


Below, you can find some of my favorite pieces that I have picked which will make perfect Mother’s Day gifts:



  1. Mother Elephant   
    All mothers are extremely nurturing. Reading about a mother elephant inspired me to create this artwork. She is very protective and patient while guiding her babies. Female elephants take care of their young and are amongst those in the animal kingdom that stay with their young, too, for all their lives. Mother elephants provide their babies with the strength and nourishment that they need. I have created this majestic “Mother Elephant” as a symbol of my deep respect for them. I used bright colors and geometric symbols to make it pleasing to the eye. I enjoyed working on the intricate details such as the eyes, ears and tusks.

You can view my artwork here

  1. Fruit Platter  
    In Hinduism, we call our mothers “Annapoorna” which means “Goddess Of Food” derived from Sanskrit meaning “giver of food and nourishment”. We turn to our mothers when we feel hungry, and the food eaten from their hands tastes like magic. A mother’s love is like food for the soul, it is necessary and nourishing. I have made this fruit platter to celebrate the bountiful love with which mothers make our plate of food ready.

You can view my artwork here


  1. Colorful Bunny   
    For Mother’s Day, I created this customized artwork of a colorful bunny. I decided to fill in the outline with dainty florals and twirls of paper. It reminds me of a garden in bloom, just like the love of a mother.   



  1. Geometric Earrings   
    Surprise your mom with these pretty geometric earrings! Everyone definitely has a soft spot for jewelry. That is why I decided to create these pretty paper crafted earrings in delicate hues of pink and red. They are sturdy and look beautiful as well, and will definitely add to your mom’s stylish outfit of the day! 

You can view the earrings here

I hope my ethical, handmade and customized gifting options will bring a smile to your face.

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