Welcome back to my blog! When I first started the art of paper quilling, I began by showcasing my interpretations of nature, colors, emotions and thoughts. The bright colors and elaborate designs have been particularly inspired by aspects of Mother Nature. Over time, I have been able to perfect and create ethical and sustainable art and jewelry.


If you have been following my blog and newsletters since a while, you would have noticed how often I talk about being inspired by Mother Nature, by the graceful curves of birds, the gentle movements of butterflies, the summer delights of fresh fruit, the vibrant colors of fall. I turn to art as a means of expressing these.


I receive so many queries about the process and intricacies of paper quilling. Often, my family and friends mention how they wish they could try their hand at it too. Many were surprised to hear me encourage them to start, because they always thought it would be too intricate a process for a beginner to pick up. So, I started thinking and decided I would come up with a way to share my passion in an easy and achievable manner.


I turn to art as a means of communication. Whether I am feeling happy and want to express jubilation, or I need to sort out the thoughts in my head by entering my calm space which is my art room, I have found the process of paper quilling to be extremely fulfilling. I would love to help others find similar passions for themselves.


Have you had a chance to see my DIY paper quilling kits? It’s a one stop place which includes instructions for ten beautiful designs, colorful supplies for the basic shapes, and tools to help you tap into your inner artist.


If you’re looking to begin crafting yourself, Paper Sweetly is happy to help! I enjoyed putting this kit together, because each component is simple, easy to use, and has a significant part to play in the whole process. Get one of these and begin creating your own  brightly colored artwork, personalized pieces and distinctive gifts.


What the kit contains:

How to guide & QR code to the video tutorial
Slotted Quilling Tool
100 Paper Strips
Precision Glue Pen
Circle Sizer
Fine Tip Scissors
6 Blank Greeting Cards

4 Blank tags


You can order your very own kit here 


You can find your own inspiration in all sorts of places. The popular designs include birds, animals, mandalas, changing colors of seasons, fruit, abstract designs, initials…. Really, there is no limit! Whether you would like to follow a theme, a pattern, or create your own unique pieces, the choice is completely yours! Remember, there is no right or wrong, there is only the expression of the love for art. If you do order the kit and create something, I would love to see it. Tag me at @papersweetly so that I can feature you on my page as well!

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