Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year. Sit back with some hot chocolate while you browse through my must do’s for fall, and my must have’s too! PS: don’t forget the roasted marshmallows!
If you’re looking to spread the warmth and gift someone a beautiful reminder of fall, Paper Sweetly is happy to help! I enjoy representing the splendor of changing leaves through brightly colored artwork and personalized pieces and distinctive gifts. Aligned with autumn and the theme of rebirth is my focus on sustainability, ethical and handmade gifts.       
Favorite Fall Blanket  
As the temperature dips pleasantly, I love curling up on my sofa with a good book, a steaming cup of tea and wrapping myself in my favorite throw. This comforting blanket is a deep russet with a little fringe and keeps me warm as much with its memories as its soft wool blend.
Click here to see coziness it adds to the room.
Favorite Fall Recipe  
It’s really hard to choose just one! Fall weather usually spells baked dishes, hot soups, cinnamon twists and long nights filled with endless cups of hot cocoa. I’ve enjoyed adding pumpkin to several of my cooking ideas, and browsing through Pinterest always serves as an added inspiration! One of my favorite recipes is this one for old fashioned apple crisp. It’s perfect with a large scoop of vanilla ice-cream, and I definitely recommend adding the salted caramel drizzle.
You can find the recipe for it here.
Favorite Fall Walking Trail   
Living in Evergreen, San Jose is particularly wonderful during these months. There are amazing trails where I take long walks, thinking up new ideas for handmade, sustainable pieces which are a blend of tradition and contemporary styles. The shape of the leaves and the vibrant colors usually rest in my imagination and I look towards Mother Nature for artistic inspiration and representation.
Here is a photo from one of my walks.
Favorite Fall Artwork
Nothing spells Halloween quite like some spooky reminders! Inspired by the many representations of skulls I’ve seen over the seven years I have lived here, I sketched this custom piece for a couple as their first anniversary gift. (You can find more first anniversary gift ideas here). I then created it using their wedding cards. I was curious to see how my own addition of bright colors would look, and that’s how my favorite fall artwork was born.  
You can find out more details here.
Favorite Fall Tradition    
From jumping in a pile of crunchy leaves to sipping hot drinks by the fire, everyone has their own special tradition to celebrate fall. Personally, I find autumn incomplete without stepping into the Historic Orchard for a fun afternoon of fruit picking!
You can find out more details here.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my fall favorites in this post as much as I enjoyed writing about them. I would love to hear how you celebrate this season of coziness.

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