Bring out the champagne and roses, it’s your first anniversary! Congratulations on this beautiful day. While nothing says “let’s celebrate” like each other’s company, it’s always nice to gift each other mementos to treasure for the years to come. Every one is always looking for distinctive gifts, and with the focus on sustainability, ethical and handmade gifts are the new favorites.


The traditional gift for the first anniversary milestone is paper. It seems like a natural choice when you consider how classic and personalized paper is. There’s a wide array of options, from greeting cards and notebooks, to paper lanterns and anniversary journals.


At Paper Sweetly, I’m excited to bring to you even more unique, delicate and intricate paper gifts! I have picked out some of my favorites for you:


Summer Sun Necklace

What better gift for the love of your life than a necklace which demonstrates the bright rays of the sun! I recommend this beautiful necklace that will be a daily reminder of the optimism and cheerfulness that a lovely sunny day can bring. I use eco-friendly quilling paper, glue, water resistant sealant and stainless steel to create this piece.

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Poppies Artwork  

You will likely buy flowers to celebrate this special day. So, I am sure you’d also like to keep a floral artwork that will be just as special and more enduring. For this piece, I use eco-friendly quilling paper and a deep grey wood frame. The frame size is 12 x 12 inches.

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Basic DIY Quilling Kit  

It’s a wonderful idea to create something of your interest together. I recommend gifting each other this lovely kit which comprises supplies to create 10 easy projects. It comes with an instruction manual, and is a sweet idea to send out couple gift-tags that you have created yourself! This kit includes a slotted quilling tool, 100 paper strips, a precision glue pen, 6 blank greeting cards and more.

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Customized Art Piece  

Would you like to see a symbol that’s important to the both of you converted into paper-art? I am happy to give the special idea in your mind a form and shape on paper. I would work with you to understand your specifications, create a sketch and then give it a form through paper-quilling.

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I hope I was able to give you some interesting ideas on how to celebrate your special day. I’m happy to get in touch and find even more unique and creative ways that will help you express your love through my handmade artistic expression.


Paper Sweetly is a woman owned business, aiming to bring the creativity and uniqueness of paper gifts to everyone. My focus is handmade, sustainable pieces which are a blend of tradition and contemporary styles. I look forward to helping you pick out the best piece for your family, friends and home.


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