Gilded Harmony: Embracing the Duality Within

 This artwork unveils a captivating blend of strength and fragility with a mane divided. One half, a cascade of golden hues, symbolizes resilience and power. The other half, adorned with delicate flowers, speaks of vulnerability and the beauty found in embracing our softer sides. Together, they portray the profound harmony of duality, inspiring us to embrace all aspects of ourselves in a vibrant tapestry of existence.

Frame Color: White

Frame Size: 16 x 20 inches

Artwork Size: 14 x 18 inches (Approx)

This work of art is ready to ship upon order confirmation and shipped within 3-5 business days. As each item is a handcrafted work of art, there might be minor variations from the photograph provided, but rest assured that the final piece will be carefully crafted and mostly resemble the photographs.