Happy New Year!  I am a bit late to wish but I've been busy curating the highlights of 2023. It was a fantastic year for achieving personal and artistic milestones. I hope it was equally wonderful for you. Here are the best moments of 2023.

Most Loved of 2023

Making Plans:

 In this captivating artwork, birds gather, their vibrant feathers ablaze with anticipation. Amidst the delicate branches, they engage in silent conversations, weaving invisible threads of understanding. Together, they are making plans, mapping a future where dreams take flight. Let this piece remind you of the power of collaboration and the boundless possibilities that emerge when minds unite.


Paper Quilled Bird Art Decor


Fastest Seller of2023

Happiness Amplified:

Happiness Amplified captures the essence of dance—an explosion of joy in a rhythmic motion. Each paper piece mirrors the vitality of dancers, transcending boundaries to ignite the soul. It resonates with the power of movement, reminding us that through dance, we amplify our happiness and create a symphony of bliss.


Ballerina Girl Paper Art Decor


Most Wowed of 2023

Golden Kaleidoscope:

"Golden Kaleidoscope: Vibrant Depths of Geometry" mesmerizes with intricate geometric line art adorned by glistening gold foils. Circles interlace, evoking a sense of unity amid diversity. The vibrant hues invite exploration, revealing the profound beauty that emerges when art and geometry entwine in perfect harmony.

Paper Quilled Geometric Art


Best Seller of 2023:

Daisy Earrings:

One of my happiest rituals, whether I am in India or the US, is to go for long walks. The daisy is a perennial little flower that grows abundantly in the Indian countryside. I came back to the start of spring in America. So, it is natural that I wanted to infuse my art with flowers, and these bright and sunny daisy earrings are a reminder that spring is a state of mind!


Daisy Paper Quilling Earrings - Light Weight Jewelry


At Paper Sweetly, I have been inspired by the brightness, warmth, and diversity to create ethical and sustainable jewelry and artwork for you!

 Hope you enjoyed the 2023 highlights! Stay tuned for more exciting pieces and many upcoming announcements.




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